Meet Syncsort at Dataworks Summit

June 17–21, 2018 in San Jose, CA

We organize data everywhere, to keep the world working
Going to Dataworks Summit 2018 in San Jose, CA? Be sure to stop by to see Syncsort to learn how our Integrate products connect today’s data infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology, and ensuring data quality, to fuel AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. Meet with us to learn how to:

  • Access, transform, integrate & deliver data to analytic environments – on premise and in the cloud
  • Get visibility into critical operational and security data from legacy systems to quickly identify & resolve problems
  • Ensure complete, accurate and trusted data with industry-leading data quality solutions
  • Support data governance and compliance initiatives with a complete, single and trusted view of your data
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Real-Time CDC and Data Quality at Scale Washes Out Money Laundering
Speaker: Tendü Yoğurtçu
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 20th at 2pm
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